Branding & Content Agency

Do you want to take your brand to the next level? Accelerate its growth and enhance its current potential? In that case you should take the time and effort to make it stand out from the crowd. Legit is the go-to agency to make an indelible impression through (re)branding and/or quality content. We make your brand communicate better, look better and perform better. Through social media, websites, webinars, magazines, promo videos or a new identity. We are not only your executor, but also your marketing partner and assisting colleagues.

Niels Vreeling

Creative & Account Director

Our ‘patron’ and creative mastermind. He’s experienced, dedicated and a go-getter. He wears his heart on his sleeve and speaks his mind. Knows exactly when to pull the strings.

Lawrence Armitage

Strategic & Marketing Director

Our captain, tactical strategist and relationship builder. Problems? Problems don’t exist within this company, there are only challenges. Let’s get down to brass tacks.

Roy Riethoven

Art Director

Lucky Luke on the keyboard. He always hits the mark with the most incredible visuals designs and he works as fast as lightning.

Veerle Aalbers

Account & Project Manager

Organized, cheerful and optimistic in spite of difficulties. Our sunshine, determined to look on the bright side. Has the ability to exude confidence, calmness and independence.

Maxime Legit Agency

Maxime op ‘t Landt

Account & Project Manager

Cheerful, enthusiastic and a strong communicator. Chatterbox who really enjoys the good life: good food, good company, good wine. Preferably a beautifully oaked Chardonnay. She knows how she wants it she knows how to get things done. A strong battalion together with Veerle. Account & Project, both run super smoothly. Want to upgrade your brand? Do not hesitate to contact her!

Roy Nicolai

Roy Nicolai

Creative & Copy

Also knows as ‘Nico’. Has a built-in grammar checker and knows his way around being creative with the Dutch and English language. A job as copywriter is the write direction for him.

Jelle van Leeuwen

Creative designer

Calm, open-minded and a down to earth personality who stands firm in his colourful sneakers. A job as designer fits him as perfect as his shoes.

Nina Law

Creative designer

Graphic champ who creates winning designs and branding that catches the eye. She has a passion for illustrating and photography and this is beautifully reflected into all of her creative productions.

Rogier Schoenmaker

< title > Web Developer < /title >

Our back-end magician who conjures the most incredible html-spells. He’s completely in his CSS-element and JavaScript and WordPress are his Roger that!