Who We Are

Brand and Content Agency

Do you want to take your brand to the next level? Accelerate its growth and enhance its current potential? In that case you should take the time and effort to make it stand out from the crowd. Legit is the go-to agency to make an indelible impression through (re)branding and/or quality content. We make your brand communicate better, look better and perform better. Through social media, websites, webinars, magazines, promo videos or a new identity. We are not only your executor, but also your marketing partner and assisting colleagues.

What We Do


Brush up your brand with a professional rebranding or elevate it with a completely new identity. Including a brand name that works, a logo design that stand out and other powerful visual elements. An identity that fits lik a glove and helps you create an established brand and translates trust and credibility. Het nieuwe jasje van jouw bedrijf. Strak of losjes. Zakelijk of frivool.


The development and construction of new websites and/or facilitation of complete web shops, both textually and visually. Not a mediocre platform, but a website or webshop that works and generates conversions. With a design that stands out and grabs the user’s attention. Creative and effective.


The creation of the right content tools to encourage people to take action and to provide exciting brand experiences: a brochure to summarize your services, street ads to catch the attention of them who pass by. Powerful signing on the outside of your office, a bus campaign, DM and so on. You name it, we create it.