A historical but contemporary hotel in Leiden

Boutique Hotel d'Oude Morsch

Boutique Hotel d’Oude Morsch opened its doors in June 2016, in one of the most historic buildings in Leiden. It’s beautifully located with an amazing view on a city park, a Dutch windmill and one of the two remaining city gates of Leiden. D’Oude Morsch is also a hotel with an interesting history. In the past it functioned as the ‘Morspoort barracks’ and owes its name to the former neighbourhood, which was a marshy meadow. Nevertheless, Legit did actually find its inspiration from somewhere else. More specificially; from an encoding method in telecommunication, called morse code. This code was widely used during World War II to send encrypted messages. The combination of symbols used in morse code formed the foundation of creating the new logo design, as well as all other visual brand elements, to then subsequently incorporate them in the website and the designs of all other communication tools.