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Legit is a full-service marketing agency for local, national and international brands. If you choose to work with Legit, you choose to work with an agency with a lot of experience, knowledge and dedication. We make your brand perform better and communicate better. Through social media, websites, webinars, magazines, promo videos or a new identity. We are not only your executor, but also your marketing partner and assisting colleagues. A specialized team of seasoned professionals is ready to look after your marketing and communication. We do not look at individual challenges, but create a total solution. We’re here to share thoughts and help you schedule your projects. So why would wait? Let’s take that next step together!

Our services

Branding Agency

Brand Identity

A brand name, logo and corporate identity. A visual representation of your company's mission, vision and objectives, including a creative justification about the choices we made along the way.

Printed Matters

Taking care of all matters concerning printed materials, including design, DTP, purchase activities and quality control.

Rent a marketeer

Would you like to lift your marketing activities to the next level? Rent a marketeer Rent a Marketeer! A full-service marketing package, tailored to the needs and wishes of your brand, company and/or product.

360° Virtual Tours

An interactive introduction to your company or organization. Give a unique view behind the scenes with the help of the limitless possibilities van 360° video and photography

Content Creation

Visuals that immediately catch the eye, generated through photography, video and graphic designs.

Web Development

The development and construction of new websites and/or facilitation of complete web shops, both textually and visually.

A few extra colleagues.

Team Legit.

Lawrence Armitage – Strategic & Marketing Director

Our captain, tactical strategist and relationship builder. Problems? Problems don’t exist within this company, there are only challenges. Let's get down to brass tacks.

Niels Vreeling – Creative & Account Director

Our ‘patron’ and creative mastermind. He’s experienced, dedicated and a go-getter. He wears his heart on his sleeve and speaks his mind. Knows exactly when to pull the strings.

Lisanne van Helten – Account Manager & Sales

Our graduated security expert, specialized in solving complicated sales & account cases. Our Chief Inspector on the hunt for new marketing opportunities.

Veerle Aalbers – Project Manager

Organized, cheerful and optimistic in spite of difficulties. Our sunshine, determined to look on the bright side. Has the ability to exude confidence, calmness and independence.

Roy Riethoven – Art Director

Lucky Luke on the keyboard. He always hits the mark with the most incredible visuals designs and he works as fast as lightning.

Nina Law – Designer

Graphic champ who creates winning designs and branding that catches the eye. She has a passion for illustrating and photography and this is beautifully reflected into all of her creative productions.

Jelle van Leeuwen – Designer

Calm, open-minded and a down to earth personality who stands firm in his colourful sneakers. A job as designer fits him as perfect as his shoes.

Roy Nicolai – Creative & Copy

Also knows as ‘Nico’. Has a built-in grammar checker and knows his way around being creative with the Dutch and English language. A job as copywriter is the write direction for him.

Rogier Schoenmaker – <title> Web Developer </title>

Our <title>back-end magician</title> who conjures the most incredible html-spells. He’s completely in his CSS- element and JavaScript and WordPress are his Need a new Legit-website? Roger that!